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The Sparkle Dog event looks like a vision out of Toddlers Tiaras, if it aired on Animal Planet: gift bags, a pink carpet, a step and repeat, bedazzled dog food bowls, and a dog psychic. Kameron is resplendent in a long sleeved pink sequined gown. Louis the Yorkie is brought out on a silver sequined pillow, despite his attempts to squirm off, followed by a train of venue staff members holding sparklers aloft.

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Replica Handbags In this edition of Inside the NBA, host Ernie Johnson (Moffat) welcomes Kenny Smith (Redd), Charles Barkley (Thompson), and Shaquille O’Neal (Hart) to talk basketball. It doesn’t take long before Barkley is taking cheap shots at Shaq for his odd non sequitors. As Shaq explains why Tagalongs are the “Shaq of cookies,” Barkley keeps saying things like, “You’re the only basketball player whose brain has aged like a football player.” This sketch seems devised to highlight Hart’s Shaq impression, which is mostly mumbling, crossed eyes, and a huge pair of stilts Replica Handbags.