You can also get your blue matcha latte at London based cafe

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Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela Velsquez, the fifth of six children, was the daughter of Venezuelan parents. Her father was of mixed heritage and her mother a member of the Indigenous Wayuu people. Her parents were both teachers; her father also worked for UNESCO and as a result, she spent some of her childhood in Mexico and France.

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replica Purse Other Asian foods have grown in popularity in recent years, while Korean food has stayed in the shadows. However, growing interest in fermented foods such as kombucha, acclaimed for its health benefits, will ensure that in 2018 everyone is talking about Korean food.The other cuisine that we can expect to see more of is Estonian, which is all about using fresh seasonal foods, whether that’s spruce shoots, pickled ramsons, blackcurrant leaves or grated pine cones.Blue’s the new greenWe’ve seen the trend of green matcha lattes and yellow turmeric lattes and smoothies, however next year we can expect to see the popular colour become blue! Blue lattes and smoothies are a hot new trend in Australia, made famous by Matcha Mylkbar, a vegan friendly coffee house, which uses live e3 blue algae to give drinks an icy blue hue.You can also get your blue matcha latte at London based cafe Farm Girl. It packs a surprisingly high dose of protein and we can expect to see it being blended into nutritious smoothies and fun coloured lattes.Something I think we can expect to see becoming very popular next year is ashwagandha, a shrub traditionally found in northern Africa, India, and the Middle East.The root of the shrub can be ground down into powder form and then added to food and drinks.This powder has many health benefits, such as helping to regulate the immune system, reduce fatigue and combat liver problems.As we look for superfoods that can be easily incorporated into our diets, ashwagandha will likely become a popular choice.. replica Purse

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