BuyPack Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 558 views | Hello, i present BuyPack a purchase plugin pack for command, title of group, etc.


This plugin is used to sell packs to the player on your server with virtual money (Iconomy). These packs can add some command for your players, a title on the server, etc.. The important thing is that you must specify to the server, which command it should do. This plugin in version 1.5.2 and more have an notification system for new update.In 1.6, the updater has been changed. It is disable by default. Go to Config page for more info.


Create file pack.

It’s easy, you have to follow this model and no errors show.

  • The file name is not important.
  • The file must be a txt file and must be in the following folder : /plugins/BuyPack/Pack
  • Each txt file is a pack.
  • The # is accepted but the plugin considers them as a comment.
  • Thanks to not put a # if it not start a line.

Model :

# The title of the pack. ATTENTION 'the title must be the first before the others.
# description pack.
Desc:My pack Example 
#How much it cost?
Money :0
#The command must be running by the server.
Command :gamemode 1 <player>
#Enable the duration of pack.
Timer :True
#If timer is true, the plugin will take the time here.(See the time format)
#Here it is 10 seconds.
Time : 10S
#Number of purchase permitted. If number is 0, the purchase permitted is not activated.
NbPurchasePermitted: 2
#Command performed when the time is up.
InvCommand :gamemode 0 <player>

Time format :

The time format is written like the exemple, 10S for 10 seconds. You put the number first and then the symbol. The symbols and their limits in numbers :

  • S -> Second, limited to 59 seconds (60 = 1 minute)
  • M -> Minute, limited to 59 minutes (60 = 1 hour)
  • H -> Time limited to 23 hours (24 = 1 day)
  • D -> Day, no limit to the reasonable.

I’ll show you some examples:

  • 1D 2H 3M 1S -> 1 day, 2 hours, 3 minutes and one second.
  • 1D 3M 1S -> 1 day, 3 minutes and one second.

etc. The important thing is that you have the number in is limit and the symbol. If you have multiple symbols, separate them by a space.

An exemple with this model:

The package is “Example”, its description is “my pack Example”,Price:0 The command performed: gamemode 1 <player>,the timer is set to true, so it will make the command gamemode 0 <player> after 10 seconds. The player is permitted to buy this pack just two times.

How to use Multiple Command :

Here’s how to write the multi command : Command :gamemode 1 <player> Command :gamemode 0 <player> Etc. As long as there Command :, it executes the command after the : Ps- This also work with InvCommand.

Tag accepted:

<player> ? tag to put the player’s name.


The Config file :

A configuration file is created during the first run. This file currently contains the language of the plugin. The default language is English. __________


# Configuration File BuyPack.

# The language of the plugin:

Language: en

# Do you want to use the limited number of purchase?

Limited_Number: false

__________ The config file of the Updater in the version 1.6 and more is in the Updater folder in /plugins/BuyPack.


# Configuration of the Updater of BuyPack. 
#  (In default is disable, write false to activate the Updater.
api-key: 58da7c91e7630abd7e2ad4e53f3c6ac412829ec1
disable: true

_________ PS-The title of the language should be the title of the Txt file located in plugins / BuyPack / Lang otherwise it will default language file.


Player command :

OP permission works on all commands.

  • /BuyP buy [pack] ? Purchase of specified pack. ->
  • /BuyP buyOther [pack] [player] ? Purchase the specified pack for the specified player. ->
  • /BuyP list ? packs available list. ->
  • /BuyP info [pack] ? Displays information about the specified pack. ->
  • Added in 1.6 ? /BuyP confirm ? Confirm the purchase of the packs.(You have to activate the options in the config -> confirmPack to true.(default : true)

Administration command :

/BuyR -Reload configs and packs. -> buypack.admin.r

Commands and permissions for 1.4.2 and less

OP permission works on all commands.

  • / BuyP [namePack] ? Purchase of specified pack. ->
  • / BUYL ? packs available list. ->
  • / Buyi [namePack] ? Displays information about the specified pack. ->
  • / BuyOP [player] [namePack] ? Purchase the specified pack for the specified player. ->

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Credits: como89