BukkitProtect Plugin 1.6.4

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BukkitProtect is unique as it focuses on usability by the average server user, and features that are helpful while playing.
This plugin is intended to be used by servers that don’t want to have admins or mods handle protection of land, preferring to use an automated plugin that manages itself and is easy to use by anyone joining the server.

If you have any ideas for things to add, please post in the comments, I really want to hear them!


Present Features

  • Protect areas using rods crafted in-game
  • Protections can be re-sized using rods
  • Several different rods available with different amount of uses
  • Automatic updates keep you up to date
  • Protections cover all blocks, containers and entities within the zone
  • Add tags to protections to prevent PVP or mobs spawning
  • Lengthy configuration to allow you to choose how the plugin runs
  • Land per player used to limit protections
  • Land gained over time
  • Other players cannot interact with Tameable Entities that are owned by someone else, even in their protection
  • Wolves can be attacked during PVP with it’s owner

Planned Features

  • Teleport to selected locations within areas (Configurable)


Command Usage Description
GiveRod /GiveRod [Player] Gives the player a rod of protection
AddBuilder /AddBuilder [Player] Allow a player to build in the selected protection
RemoveBuilder /RemoveBuilder [Player] Remove a player from building in the selected protection
AddEntities /AddEntities [Player] Allow a player to use entities in the selected protection
RemoveEntities /RemoveEntities [Player] Remove a player from using entities in the selected protection
AddModerator /AddModerator [Player] Allow a player to use protection commands in the selected protection
RemoveModerator /RemoveModerator [Player] Remove a player from using protection commands in the selected protection
SetOwner /SetOwner [Player] Set a player as the owner of the selected protection
RemoveProtection /RemoveProtection Remove the selected protection
RemoveAllProtections /RemoveAllProtections Remove all your protection
AddTag /AddTag [Tag] Add a tag to the selected protection
RemoveTag /RemoveTag [Tag] Remove a tag from the selected protection
GiveLand /GiveLand [Player] [Int] Give land to a player


Name Description Default value
AutoUpdate Enables or disables auto-updating true
MinimumZoneSize Change the minimum size of protection zones 10
ProtectChests Create protections around first chest placed true
BuyableLand Do players have to buy land true
StartLand How much land players start with 100 (10 x 10)
LandGain How much land players gain 20
LandDelay Delay between each land gain 300
SendMessage Players are sent a message when they gain land false
RightClickIronDoor Allows player to open iron doors with right mouse button true
FireBurn Prevents fire breaking blocks false
FireSpread Prevents fire spread false
PlayersTrampleCrops Prevents players trampling crops true
PlayersCanCreatePortals Prevents players creating portals true
EntitiesTrampleCrops Prevents entities trampling crops false
TNTDamageEntity Disables TNT damage to entities true
TNTBlockDamage Disables TNT block damage false
TNTCartDamageEntity Disables TNT Cart damage to entities true
TNTCartBlockDamage Disables TNT Cart block damage false
CreeperDamageEntity Disables Creeper damage to entities true
CreeperBlockDamage Disables Crepper block damage false
GhastDamageEntity Disables Ghast damage to entities true
GhastBlockDamage Disables Ghast block damage true
WitherDamageEntity Disables Wither damage to entities true
WitherBlockDamage Disables Wither block damage false
WitherHeadDamageEntity Disables Wither Head damage to entities true
WitherHeadBlockDamage Disables Wither Head block damage false
EndermenBlockChange Disables endermen moving blocks false
ZombiesBreakDoors Disables zombies breaking doors true


Permission Recommendation
BukkitProtect.Commands.GiveRod Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Commands.AddTag Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Commands.RemoveTag Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Commands.GiveLand Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Protection.SelectOthers Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Protection.RemoveOthers Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Protection.EditOthers Give to admins
BukkitProtect.Commands.AddBuilder Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.RemoveBuilder Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.AddEntities Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.RemoveEntities Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.AddModerator Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.RemoveModerator Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.SetOwner Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.RemoveProtection Give to all
BukkitProtect.Commands.RemoveAllProtections Give to all


Crafting Recipes

In order to make yourself a rod of any sort, you must first place one stick in the center of the crafting table, with a glass block in the middle top, top right and middle right slots. The item you place in the bottom left corner determines the level of the rod you produce, for example dirt produces a dirt rod with 4 uses.

Protections Tags


Tag name Description
PreventPVP Prevent PVP
PreventFireSpread Prevent fire spread
PreventIceMeltForm Prevent ice melting or forming
PreventSnowMeltForm Prevent snow melting or forming
PreventEntitySpawn Prevent entities spawning

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Credits: EliteJynx