A bright pass of the International Space Station if often as

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And everyone, apparently, accepted his behavior without question.Lambert tells of an incident when Yunkin, in a jealous rage, came to a pool where she was swimming, threatened her by holding a butcher’s knife to her face and repeatedly gouged his own face with the blade until he was “covered in his own blood.” She locked herself in a bathroom for five hours, she says, while he waited outside, “screaming his demented screams,” during which time the two lifeguards on duty, who had “other responsibilities,” did nothing, even though “the children in the pool area were terrified.”According to news reports from Lambert’s appeal trial in 1997, one of the lifeguards, Michael Pawlikowski, testified that Yunkin showed up at the pool brandishing a butterfly knife and tossed Lambert’s clothes from his vehicle.Yunkin often sliced his face open with a butcher’s knife, Lambert says in her book. An LNP reporter who covered Lambert’s trial said Yunkin had no facial scarring..

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