BoomStick Plugin 1.7.2

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Smite thy foes with a blast of lightning!

Craft a BoomStick then use your experience levels to charge your lightning weapon!

BoomStick Recipe:

Each time you left click while holding your BoomStick a lightning bolt strikes a mob or player in your crosshairs.

This version has a fixed recipe and uses five experience levels per use, version 1.1 will allow them both to be changed in the config.yml file.


boomstick.create ? to allow a player to create a BoomStick (Default: false)

boomstick.use ? to allow a player to use a BoomStick (Default: false)

Install BoomStick:

1) Add the BoomStick.jar file to your plugins folder

2) Start your server or /reload your plugins

Create a BoomStick:

Use the recipe above and have the boomstick.create permission.

Use a BoomStick:

Hold it in your hand, line up your target mob or player in the crosshairs and left click. Requires the boomstick.use permission and uses five experience levels per use.

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Credits: AxelDios