BlockWarnerMZ Plugin 1.7.2

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Welcome to my new Bukkit Plugin: BlockWarnerMZ


This Plugin is for Guest Gamer on your Server. With my Plugin you can block many cool things. You can disable the pickup from a Player or he can`t break blocks. This Plugins is good vs first player and stop the first griefing. Its protected the Blocks. You can give creative player the drop permissions and he can`t drop Items! Or you give the pickup permission and the can`t pickup Items on your Server.


  • Block break Blocks
  • Block place Blocks
  • Block pickup Blocks/Items
  • Block drop Blocks/Items
  • Block the Chat
  • Permissions
  • Sounds
  • Effects


  • BlockWarnerMZ.BreakEvent
  • BlockWarnerMZ.PlaceEvent
  • BlockWarnerMZ.PickUpEvent
  • BlockWarnerMZ.DropEvent
  • BlockWarnerMZ.ChatEvent


You need:

  • A any permissions Plugin(pex,bpermissions and and)
    • A guest group in your permission file.

Now, you have created the guest group and you will the group can`t break blocks.Ok, add this permission: BlockWarnerMZ.BreakEvent With this permission can player in the guest group destroy any blocks in the world! You world is safe, but you need the BlockWarnerMZ.PlaceEvent permissions, wih this permission can`t place any blocks in your world. The permission: BlockWarnerMZ.PickUpEvent and BlockWarnerMZ.DropEvent is more for the creative group (gamemode 1)! Add this permissions in the group and the player can`t drop/pickup items!

Todo List:

  • Edit the Message in game
  • German Translation

Thanks for testing my plugin.

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Credits: ludgart