Backbone Plugin 1.6.4

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What is Backbone?

Look at the Backbone Setup Wiki

Backbone is a minigame which combines Guns with Swords and Teams along with Points and Upgrades! Not only do you get a minigame which your server will love, but you get a minigame which uses Custom Maps! Using 3 simple commands, you can turn your Pvp Map into a Battlefield! Players get specialized weapons and their goal is to wipe out the other team. Each kill they make adds 100 points to their bank and 1 point to their team. The team with the most points at the end of the 5 minute game wins! Players love it ? Add some fun to your server and install Backbone today!

Praise and Testimonials Backbone Plugin

“?Its honestly the biggest hit that I have on my server” ? ADVscout
“[Backbone] is by far my FAVORITE minigame I’ve ever played.” ? HGW1117
” I would recommend this plugin to anyone ? THANK YOU BACKBONE!” ? CjkMinecraft
“Sound’s amazing! ? I chose Backbone!” ? Cjk25
“Such a cool plugin. I added it to my server and i love it!” ? jmikulicz
“MAN BACKBONE ROXX!!!!!” ? RealmOfAtlanta

Minigame Details

How the game works
When the game starts, all players get a Snowball gun, a Diamond Sword, a Block to represent their team color, and Colored Armor. Once everyone is given their items, they are put on the Red or Blue team automatically. At this point, the fun begins! Players are sent to their team base and run through your custom arena and try to kill players on the other team. When they do, players are rewarded Killpoints which can be used to buy Upgrades. Points for each team are displayed on a Scoreboard on the side of each player’s screen. When the round is over, all players are teleported back to the Lobby and the winning team is announced!

Backbone guarantees your server endless fun! With support for up to 5 different arenas, you can have a blast building new maps as well as playing them with your friends! Plus, you can count on updates to be released! From new store items to new gameplay features, Backbone updates will constantly keep you on your toes! Install Backbone today and start having fun!

DISCLAIMER: Be sure to set your arena, end, and lobbies in the SAME WORLD, otherwise you may get inventory storage problems!


/bb help ? Get plugin help
/bb setend ? Set the game’s end (lobby)
/bb bspawn (arena) ? Set the Blue team’s spawn for an arena
/bb rspawn (arena) ? Set the Red team’s spawn for an arena
/bb setreload (arena) ? Set the Ammo Reloader for an arena
/bb store ? Buy Upgrades
/bb join (arena) ? Join the game
/bb leave ? Leave the game


backbone.player ? All player-related permissions
backbone.admin ? All permissions

backbone.setend ? Use /bb setend ? Use /bb store
backbone.setreload ? Use /bb setreload
backbone.bspawn ? Use /bb bspawn
backbone.rspawn ? Use /bb rspawn ? Can place blocks while playing
backbone.break ? Can break blocks while playing
backbone.sign ? Can create Join Signs

Join Signs

If you would instead like to use Join Signs instead of commands, it’s really simple to do! First, you must have permission backbone.sign (OP default). Then simply place a sign and follow this format:

Line1: [Backbone]
Line2: Join
Line3: Arena#
Line4: (leave this line empty)

Line3 is the arena number you want players to join when they click your sign. “1” (without quotes) is what you’d use to join arena 1. Using a Join Sign is a great alternative to using the boring join commands!


If you like Backbone and want to show it, donations are gladly accepted and much appreciated! Each donation shows me how much people love the plugin and want to see it grow! To donate, go to the top of this page and press the “Donate” button in the right corner. You can donate any amount you’d like, but a suggested donation is anything over $5 USD.

Source Code

You can view the source code on github by using the link below. If you can find a way to make the plugin run better, be sure to give a Pull Request! Source code: Source

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Credit to: FireBreath15