AutoDeOp Plugin 1.6.4

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AutoDeOp’s purpose is to prevent unwanted players from obtaining op. AutoDeOp checks every player who logs in if they are op. If the player is op and is not on the allowed list they will be deoped. This can be used to prevent other players from oping players that should not be op or be used to stop possible siblings from getting access to your account or console and giving themselves op. AutoDeOp will also block players from changing gamemodes. When the command /op is typed it will also block a player from gaining op.

How does AutoDeOp detect oped players?

Reads in if the player who has just joined has op or not then checks if the player should be op or not. If Check GameMode Survival: True then if any player’s gamemode is changed the plugin will verify if they should be allowed to be in other gamemodes or not. Other checks are done whenever the command is typed, in console or by a player.

Config [v0.9]

  UpdateChecking: true
  Metrics: true
    - EnkyHD
    - EnkyHD
  SurvivalOnly: true
  CreativeOnly: false
  AdventureOnly: false
  OPingNonAllowedOPs: true
  OPInConsole: true

Permissions [v0.9] (Permissions may not work correct for all servers!)

autodeop.reload ? Reload the config /autodeop reload

Planned Features or Changes

Blocked OP Stats [Added to v0.9]
Block OP Command in console [Added to v0.6]
Add /autodeop reload command [Added to v0.6]
Added Plugin Metrics [v0.8]
Fixed up config [v0.8]

  • Post a comment or a ticket if you have any suggested ideas for the plugin.

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Credits: EnkyHD