AntiShare Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 791 views |


Thanks to Team Haven for the logo!

What it does

The original idea came  from the server It blocks certain actions if a player (by default) is in creative mode. AntiShare also supports many other features like regions, inventory switching, and more.

Features Supported

  • Multiple World Support ? A configuration for each world
  • GameMode Regions ? Want your PvP arena to be survival? Use GameMode Regions!
  • GameMode Inventories ? An inventory for creative, one for survival, and even one for adventure
  • GameMode Blocks ? Don’t let survival players break blocks placed by creative players!
  • And much, much more ? Take a look at the configuration! There are options for nearly every creative restriction option (including changing player levels and economy balances on Game Mode change).


Check out AntiShare’s GitHub repository for the source!


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Credits: turt2live, Sayshal