AntiJoinBot Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 967 views |

Bukkit Firewall / Proxy Blocker

This plugin protects your server from proxies!

The players IP will be automatically verified when he join.

The plugin has been written to have an High level of performance.

AntiJoinBot 4.1

  • “Server returned HTTP response code” messages only in debug mode


  • add ServerListPingEvent check(AntiJoinBot.ServerListPing.Enabled)

AntiJoinBot 4.0

  • completely rewritten
  • cache database in ram @boot
  • SQLite support (AntiJoinBot.MySQL.Offline=true)
  • variable blacklists(pls. replace “.” with “,”)
  • new force mode(Player Join -> Kick(Proxy Check? pls. reJoin!) -> CheckAsync -> Player Join again)
  • disable debug messages

Please delete your old config!



AntiJoinBot Plugin 1.6.4 Download Links:

Credit to: 200dvd, Maxetto