AnimalsDropMeat Plugin 1.6.4

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Animals Drop Meat

Animals are made of meat ? so they should drop meat!

I always considered it immersion breaking that some animals, for instance sheep, doesn’t drop any meat, and being reminded of this every time you kill one of the “non-meat” animals can quickly become quite annoying. After all they are not exactly rare?
For this reason I created this basic plugin for myself ? and decided to share it.

What it does

It makes horses and wolfs drop 1* raw beef.
It makes squids drop 1* raw fish.
It makes sheep and ocelot drop 1* raw pork.
*Depending on what version you choose to download this can now be configured
I know there are other more complex and feature rich plugins that can do this, for instance OtherDrops (if you want more features go check it out), but sometimes all you need is one small quality feature and not the whole swish army knife. This plugin is just a few lines of code and super simple which guarantees zero hassle, zero compatibility issues and perfect performance.

Q: Why doesn’t these animals drop lambchops, squidmeat, etc?
A: Adding new materials/items is unfortunately not possible with vanilla clients. (In minecraft 1.6.)


What version to choose?

v1.1+ was made in preparation for 1.7.2 ? in case an update will be required.
However if you don’t want the auto-update or any customization options you can safely stay on v1.0

Version 1.0

No commands, no permissions, no config, no performance bloat!
Just install and you are ready to go!

Choose this version if you want the simplest most reliable version possible!

(Version 1.1)

/animaldm check and /animaldm download command to check for / download updates.
By default only OP can use these (requires the animalsdropmeat.update permission).
Will auto check for updates unless CheckForUpdate is set to false in the config.
(Has tab-completion for convenience.)

Version 1.2

It is now possible to tweak the drop-rates in the config.
(Baby animals drop half of the specified quantities rounded down.)
So for convenience /animaldm reload has been added (permission: animalsdropmeat.reload)
The system for specifying drop-rates isn’t instantly obvious. The chance to drop a specific quantity (Qty) is that quantity’s Rate divided by the sum of all Rates.
For example: to make 60% chance of drop quantity 1, and 20% chance for zero drop and quantity 2 drop, do:

  - Qty: 1
    Rate: 3
  - Qty: 0
    Rate: 1
  - Qty: 2
    Rate: 1

Sum{Rate} = 3+1+1 = 5 which gives: 3/5 = 60% for Qty:1 and 1/5 = 20% for Qty:0 and Qty:2.
To disable drops completely, make a single quantity zero entry with any rate (preferably zero) ? or set all the rates to zero. Completely removing an animal from the config will only cause it to be re-added with default values. Which brings me to the default values, these are:

  • Horse: Qty 2 : 50% , Qty 1 : 25% , Qty 3 : 25%
  • Wolf: Qty 1 : 100%
  • Squid: Qty 1 : 100%
  • Sheep: Qty 1 : 67% , Qty 2 : 33%
  • Ocelot: Qty 1 : 100%

Version 1.3

Same as version 1.2 except animals dying from fire drops cooked/grilled meat.

(Made for Java7 ? source is included in the .jar)

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Credits: AnorZaken