Alcohol Mod 1.7.2

Alcohol Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

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Like the name presents, Alcohol Mod gives players ability to drink alcohol. Well, this mod makes the game more realistic. Especially, it won’t just kick in the good powers yet only after a few drinks.

Also, all the effects you get become addiction. In order to move on this, you have to eat a Fixer Pill and then drink Milk. This makes your game more fun!


Here are all the recipes and some descriptions of the items in the mod:


Alcohol Checker:

Posted Image

This device will track your alcohol level by pressing Right-Mouse button.

Fixer Pill: 

Posted Image

This item will remove your addictions but not the effects. It’s recommended to drink Milk after eating this. Also It’s resets your Alcohol Level.


B Dust:
Posted Image
Bit dusty but ready to be drunk

Golden Feel:
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Looks Golden, Feels Golden.

Greeny Glowy:
Posted Image
It’s Green, It’s Glowy, It’s Defensive

Healthy A:
Posted Image
A. Healthy. Drink.

Posted Image
Take it In. InGlory.

Posted Image
Taste like the sun?for some reason?

Vil’s Drink:
Posted Image
Vil’s favorite drink


Posted Image
It absorbs something of black items? That’s why it taste black

Champagne Vision:
Posted Image
Always wanna know how champagne sees?

Drowning Champagne:
Posted Image
Fast! Drink it! Before it Drowns!

Posted Image
Just drink it already?

San Fire:
Posted Image
Found on the Fire Island: San
Now everyone knows how to make it

The Dark Shield:
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Can you feel the Darkness defending you?


Apple Power:
Posted Image
The power of an Apple

Coco Shield:
Posted Image
Co. Shi. Co. eld. It’s scrambled go figure.

Gold Strong:
Posted Image
Be as strong as Gold ?or not

Hanging BB:
Posted Image
Hmm? Taste like BlackBerry’s

Limy Vision:
Posted Image
If you cut and put Lime’s in your eye’s you won’t get the same effect

Orange H:
Posted Image
Taste Orangy. With an H.

Posted Image
Remember that Pine on Fire? Yeah me neither?

Posted Image
Don’t try to wear Raspberry’s

Speedy Oaky:
Posted Image
Is it Speedy? Is it Oaky? No. It’s Speedy Oaky

Tasty Cocktail:
Posted Image
Just a Tasty Cocktail. Or don’t belive the description.

All the recipes are also in the downloaded .rar file.

Download Alcohol Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: Android791350