Advertise Blocker Plugin 1.7.2

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Advertise blocker allows you to block all website links and Minecraft server IP’s from the chat on your server! This plugin allows you to also add links your players are allowed to post,you also have the option to kick the player who is advertising and just stop the message from going through. Every time a player advertises it notify any players who has the permission to view the messages. When a player gets kicked you can also add a broadcast message through the config.yml.

Commands and Permissions

Commands: /Advertise-Blocker: View the version you are using. /Advertise-Blocker info: Displays all the config.yml settings. /Advertise-Blocker links: Displays all the allowed links. /Advertise-Blocker add <link>: Allows you to add a allowed link to the config.yml /Advertise-Blocker reload: Reloads the config.yml

Permissions: ? advertise.admin

If you have advertise.admin permission node you are allowed to use all of the Advertise Blocker Commands, post any website or server IP and view all the blocked Advertisement messages.

Bugs and Suggestions

If you want anything more added to this plugin please let me know a i am willing to add any of your ideas! please just post a comment or just private message me. Also if there are any bugs please let me know so i can fix them as soon as possible!


Your config.yml should look like this when you first run the plugin:

Kick Mode: true Broadcast Mode: true Broadcast Message: ‘&c[Advertise-Blocker] &9Console &ehas kicked &9%player% &efor advertising.’

To show the kicked players name in the broadcast message use %player%, that will change into the players name the the message has been broadcasted. The Allowed: ‘ ‘ is empty when you use the command /Advertise-Blocker add <link> it will start to add a list of allowed links under that. The Kick Mode and the Broadcast Mode should only be true or false!


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Advertise Blocker Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: MCCoding