AdminToolkit Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 660 views |


A all in one plugin specifically made to help server staff in their daily jobs


Most commands follow this General Syntax: /toolkit [feature] [targetplayer]

Current commands:

  • /toolkit ? Displays toolkit information
  • /toolkit help ? Displays toolkit information
  • /toolkit inv [targetplayer] ? Allows an admin to peer into a players inventory
  • /toolkit ec [targetplayer] ? Allows an admin to peer into a players enderchest
  • /toolkit info [targetplayer] ? Displays various information on a player
  • /toolkit itemsearch [item id] [targetplayer] ?Searches players inventory for a certain item
  • /toolkit wb ?Displays a personal workbench
  • /toolkit shutdown ?Turns the server off
  • /toolkit punish ?Mildly punishes a player for doing something wrong
  • /toolkit reload ?reloads plugin config


toolkit.use allows player to use plugin
toolkit.admin allows use of all commands

All other permissions are defined as toolkit.featurename
Ex: toolkit.shutdown , toolkit.reload, toolkit.inv


Ideas from you are greatly needed for the plugin to grow!!! Please just leave a comment with the name of the command and what it does!
We will see if we can add your idea to the plugin

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Credits: MintDev