AdminFun Plugin 1.7.2

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AdminFun ? The Essential Plugin

Important information: Previous versions of this plugin should work on the lastest Minecraft updates as it doesn’t change much. Thanks for understanding.

ATTENTION: I am aware of the ‘major.minor version 51.0? error. In order to fix this you must update to Java 7, as it cannot be run on Java 6. Mojang:


AdminFun is probably the best plugin that you could have fun with! Trolling, chatting, broadcasting, and more!

This plugin includes a drop party feature that has custom items! (configurable)


/AdminFun <Command>

<Command> is replaced with the command below.

Commands / Permissions

Command Description Permission(s)
N/A Main Permission Node adminfun.admin
hide <username> Hide from a/all player(s). adminfun.hide.hide & adminfun.hide.exempt & adminfun.hide.all
invLock <target> Lock a players inventory adminfun.invlock.lock & adminfun.invlock.exempt
slap <target> [damage] Slap a player adminfun.slap.slap & adminfun.slap.exempt
stalk <target> [warnOps(true/false)] Teleport and vanish to a player adminfun.stalk.stalk & adminfun.stalk.exempt
freeze <username> Freeze a target player adminfun.freeze.freeze & adminfun.freeze.exempt
rampage Enter rampage mode adminfun.rampage
disable Disable the plugin adminfun.disable
enable Enable the plugin Console/OP
config reload Reload the config file adminfun.config.reload
help <page> Shows a list of AF commands adminfun.admin
bGod <Message> Broadcast a message as god
enchant Get an set of diamond enchanted gear adminfun.enchant
dropparty <startTime> Create a drop party adminfun.dropparty
console <message> Broadcast a message as console
playerchat <username> <message> Force target player to say something &
xpparty <amountOfBottles> [<silent>] Create an XP party adminfun.xpparty
invsee <username> Look in another players inventory adminfun.invsee.see & adminfun.invsee.exempt
explode <username> <size> Create an explosion adminfun.explode.use & adminfun.explode.exempt
announce <message> Broadcast a message with NO prefix
spamcast [<message>] Broadcast a message 100 times with an optional message &
tell <message> Broadcast a message looking like /msg
fakeop <username> Pretend to op someone adminfun.fakeop
fakequit Pretend to leave the game adminfun.fakequit
rocket Launch a player into the sky! adminfun.rocket
zap <username> Cast lightning down to a player adminfun.zap

Thank you

Thank you for your interest and support for this plugin!

All feedback is appreciated and encouraged!

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Credits: KingFaris10, Trevor1134