Admin can Broadcast Plugin 1.7.2

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Admin can broadcast

Need a way to get your players attention or fake it to a player, then you should try this plugins.

default tag is [Admin] and Admin is gold you can edit it in the config file.


? Color

? Tag file config

? Edit prefix from command

? Update notifier

? Auto broadcaster


/broadcast Hello world this will send [Admin]: Hello world

/acb Hello world this will send [Admin]: Hello world

/reloadacb This will reload the config file so you dont need to make a /reload or restart the server

/editacb This will edit the config file and do a reload of the plugin


acb.say make you able to do /ab and /acb

acb.reload make you able to do /acbr

acb.prefixedit Make you able to do /abep

acb.update Make you able to get msg about new update on server join


tag: ‘&f[&6Admin&f]:&7 ‘

This will display [Admin]: %msg%

And Admin is gold

timeinsec: 120 120 = 2 min 60 sec(60 sec is 1 min) * 2 = 120 sec and a check 120 sec / 60 = 2 min

updatenoti: 0 0 = false and 1 = true this is a option to enable message on join for admins with acb.update if update is available

Next update

Plz write what i should make in the next update: Google form


?? Make config file in-game edit-able

?? Make a timer to broadcast message on interval

?? Make a update notification for admins/plugin master


If you update delete config.yml first.

How to set msg.txt up

1: Stop your server.

2 : Create msg.txt

3: Write some lines that you want to sent on inteval

4: Go to config.yml

5: Set timeinsec to the time you want

6: Start server

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Credits: Gang728